Agriculture Loans

We understand the agricultural needs of our area and provide the products and services necessary for the financial needs of your farm operation. Whether you need financing for operating expenses, machinery or livestock purchases, land or buildings, or any other seen or unforeseen need, Northern State Bank is here to help.

Operating Loans/Lines of Credit

  • Short term loans to replenish working capital for day to day expenses.
  • Cash when you need it for purchases of seed, chemicals, fertilizer, parts, supplies, vet expense, wages, etc.
  • Fuel and equipment parts/repairs for crop expenses (inc: planting, spraying, harvesting, cultivating, etc)
  • Feed for cattle/pigs/poultry & other animals related to farm operation.

Term Loans

  • Reasonable payment terms to upgrade or replace machinery/equipment and automobiles
  • Purchase replacement livestock or expand herd
  • Expand overall farm operation
  • Update technology
  • Facility repairs/improvements

Farm Real Estate Loans

  • Extended terms and competitive interest rates.
  • Building site and/or land purchases
  • Purchase or build outbuildings
  • Additional storage facilities¬†
  • Tiling, ditching, other land improvements
  • Qualified property improvements or purchases

Farm Service Agency

Financing and/or loan guarantee programs for qualified borrowers.

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